Coach Marc

Coach Marc has been playing soccer since he was 4 years old. He’s been playing for Florida Premier FC since 1992 and stayed with the league to become a referee and a competitive soccer coach and recently promoted to academy director. Coach Marc graduated from Mitchell High School where he played soccer all 4 years. He started working for HappyFeet Soccer in 2015 and absolutely loves what he does. He loves coaching and giving knowledge to young athletes of the game, it's his passion to make them succeed on and off the field.


Coach Danny: Director

Coach Danny has been around the game of soccer since he was 3 years old. He grew up in Germany and played for a professional academy till the age of 19. His soccer coaching career started with Florida Premier FC 10 years ago coaching a few teams at the club. Danny started his career at HappyFeet Soccer 10 years ago as a coach and worked his way up to become the company's director. He loves working with kids and seeing their development and how happy they are after each soccer session. 


Coach Bosho: Owner

Coach Bosho Marko has been around soccer his entire life. He grew up in Germany, where he played on many different levels. Upon moving to United States, Bosho continued playing on club level for numerous clubs (West Pasco F.C, Clearwater Chargers). He then received a full scholarship, and played for Jacksonville University Division I NCAA. He is also the Director of Soccer for Florida Premier F.C. He is excited to have the opportunity to pass on his knowledge and skill onto our youngest players.


Coach Sean

Coach Sean is a coach for Tampa Bay HappyFeet and Florida Premier FC.  He’s been playing soccer since he was 4 years old.  Coach Sean played for Oak Hills Soccer Association which is a leading member of the Ohio Youth Soccer Association.  After playing 4 years of high school at Oak Hills High School he joined the United States Navy where he continued to play internationally in countries all over Asia and the Pacific.  Coach Sean also currently coaches at Florida Premier FC and has his license through Florida Youth Soccer Association.  He is passionate about the sport and even more so for the children that play it.


Coach John

Hi my name is Coach John. I have been playing soccer since I was 5. I am absolutely passionate about the sport and enjoy that I can teach our future soccer stars. Everyday that I get to see a child learn a new skill and the look of pride on their face is why I love coaching for Happyfeet.


Coach Joe

Coach Joe has been playing soccer since he was 3. He has been a member of the HappyFeet team since 2012. When not playing soccer he enjoys spending time on his ranch. Coach Joe teaching kids and seeing their smiling faces during each session.


Coach Julio

Coach Julio has been with HappyFeet since 2017. He has been working with kids for over 10 years coaching various sports. His greatest enjoyment is seeing how much they develop and the love they have for the game of soccer. When not coaching he is spending time with his family.


Coach Tyler

Hi my name is Coach Tyler. I have been playing soccer since I was old enough to walk and its a huge part of my life. I started working at a preschool years ago and developed a huge passion for working with kids. The fact that I can put the two of those things together and do it everyday is the reason that I love being a HappyFeet coach.


Coach JT

Coach JT has been coaching for HappyFeet since 2018. He started his love for soccer at a very young age when he played for Florida Premier FC. JT continued playing in college at Thomas University and Florida College, where he eventually played over seas in England. When not coaching for HappyFeet, JT is also coaching a team at Florida Premier FC.

Coach JT has a passion for kids and loves teaching the game of soccer. Seeing how much they develop and the smiling faces makes his day very rewarding. He enjoys golfing and spending time with his family and friends.


Coach Darian

Coach Darian is a third generation Floridian born in the Tampa Bay area. He started playing soccer at the age of 4 and hasn’t stopped since! He played competitively for many years across the state and southeastern region. Darian has a deep passion for the game and developing youth soccer players into strong individuals on and off the field.

Off the field, his time is mostly spent working in the insurance industry. He enjoys running, biking, and volunteering in the community.


Coach Juan

Coach Juan is from Argentina and has been in the soccer world since he was a young child. Coach Juan played professional soccer for 15 years in different countries like Argentina, France, Greece, Bulgaria & Ecuador. All of his experience as a player helped him to be a great coach. He has been coaching kids in USA since 2015 (GTB- West Florida Flames- West Pasco and now Florida Premier FC). Every day he tries to do his best because he loves his passion.


Coach Matt

Florida native and father of 3, Coach Matt has been around the game of soccer since the age of four years old. Matt has played division 1 soccer for Florida Premier and was on the varsity soccer team at Mitchell High School for all four years he attended as an all state goalie. Matt loves the fact that now he can pass along his passion for soccer onto the future stars of America and loves seeing them develop on and off the field.


Coach Mason

Coach Mason has been with HappyFeet since 2014. He started out playing at Florida Premier FC and currently still plays there. When Coach Mason is not helping kids at HappyFeet he is volunteering at soccer camps or training on his own. Since soccer has brought him so many great memories, he strives to do the same for all kids that he coaches. Coach Mason enjoys watching the kids grow as soccer players and develop life skills to help them in all aspects of life.


Coach Marko

Coach Marko has been with HappyFeet since 2016 starting out as an assistant coach, and now a head coach for the leagues. Coach Marko has been playing soccer since the age of 5, Playing for Florida Premier FC, Clearwater Chargers, and selective teams to play in Canada and Colombia. Coach Marko has always enjoyed playing soccer and loves the experience every game. He also works at Trinity Sportsplex where he plays with kids and works birthday parties. Coach Marko enjoys seeing smiles on all of the kids faces


Coach Antonio

Coach Antonio has been with HappyFeet since 2014. He has been playing soccer since the age of three, playing for both Florida Premier FC and the DA program at Clearwater Chargers. Soccer is Coach Antonios life and loves sharing his passion for the game onto the kids he coaches. Coach Antonio enjoys coaching and seeing the kids grow into amazing soccer players.


Amber: Administrative Manager

Amber is the Administrative Manager for HappyFeet. She have been working with children for the last 20 years. When not working she is spending time with her family and watching her daughter play for Florida Premier FC


Cassie: Creative Director

Cassie is the Creative Director for HappyFeet Tampa bay. She has been around the game of soccer since a young age watching her dad coach for many years. On her free time she is watching her two kids play soccer for Florida Premier FC.


Jeannette: League Coordinator

Jeannette is the league coordinator for HappyFeet Soccer. On her free time, you will see Jeannette at the fields watching her two boys playing for Florida Premier FC and chasing around her young daughter.