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About Leagues

All The Information You Need

About The League

HappyFeet Soccer Leagues are ideal for those new to soccer as well as HappyFeet Soccer veterans! We serve boys and girls ages 2-8.  


Each session begins with a mini-class skill introduction session and is then followed by a non-competitive soccer game.  


The session structure and included components progress from LittleToes for  2's to HappyFeet Soccer Advanced for 5's & 6's to Future Legends 7’s & 8’s in a way that maximizes skill development while ensuring all children are allowed to develop and excel at their own pace.

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League Details

League programs are 7 weeks long.

There is  one session per week.

We offer season leagues in 14 different locations around the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Seasonal programs take place in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  

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14 Locations To Choose From

Participate in one or more of our 14 leagues located all over the Tampa Bay Area! View the Locations.

Parents Love Leagues

Great For Parents With a Hectic Schedule


We have found that parents enjoy the league just as much as the kids do! This program is beneficial to those parents who have a hectic schedule but still want to have their child participate. 

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